Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Keke NAPEP Still On Ban In Some Rivers State Local Governments

By Chioma Andy

The Permanent Secretary, Rivers State Ministry of Transport, Dr. Somiari Harry has reemphasised Government’s stand on the use of Tricycle, commonly known as Keke NAPEP, as a means of conveying people to their destinations.
In a discussion with some journalists in the state on Tuesday 29 January 2013, Dr. Harry said that the Government was not mincing words when it banned the use of Keke as a means of transportation in some parts of the state.
Reminding people of the law that gave Government such rights, he quoted the Rivers State Road Traffic (Prohibition of Tricycles) Regulations 2010 which stated that, “Any person who operates a tricycle within the prohibited areas shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction thereof to imprisonment for one month or to a fine of (10,000)”
He mentioned the four Local Governments Areas (LGAs) that Keke are not allowed to ply as: Obio-Akpor, Eleme, Oyibo and Port Harcourt. 

These LGAs, he said, were chosen to make the roads safe for users.
He disclosed that the Rivers State Traffic Management Authority (TIMARIV) has already arrested and impounded hundreds of Keke Napep in the affected LGAs.
He concluded by adding emphatically that the Ministry has not directed any person to collect money from operators of Keke Napep, adding that those who pay money to any person under that guise do so at their own risk.

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