Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Revealed! How TIMARIV Misappropriates Funds Meant For The State

Nelson Jaja

By Chioma Andy
A petition by Mr. Chinda Beke, a staff of Rivers State Road Traffic Management Authority (TIMARIV), which was presented by Hon. Azubike Wanjoku Chikere, member representing Ikwerre Constituency on the floor of Rivers State House of Assembly, on Tuesday, 19th February, 2013 has claimed that TIMARIV officials had been siphoning money meant for Rivers state.
The petitioner on behalf of other aggrieved staff of TIMARIV also complained of non-confirmation of their appointment after 3 years, while pension and taxes were deducted from their salary.
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Petition Against TIMARIV On Oppression Of Staff And Misappropriation Of Government Money

We write on behalf of indigenes of Rivers State Government employed through TIMARIV. We are happy that we now have a good pension work according to the law. We were told that probation would be 6 months, now it is almost 3 years and we are yet to be confirmed.

Our pensions and taxes have been deducted from our salaries and have not been remitted since. Even our health allowances were deducted for a period and they promised to repay us but they haven’t. Why is management keeping our money?

Management has refused to buy even a small tow truck because they lease from contractors and share the money. Out of N25, 000 paid as tow fee, the tow driver is given 8,000 and the rest goes to them instead of paying to the authority.
There was a special operation that started around July 2011, it was paid for by the SSG’S office, but our Comptroller General (Nelson Jaja) was still collecting money from the authority to pay for that special operation. Where is the money from the SSG. How much has the comptroller general collected.

In another special operation arranged by ics CTC and Polie which started around April 2012, they collected almost N2 million every week just to hire buses, and they were also taking N1 million to pay Ad hoc boys. All the money was given to one Augustine Azu who is a TIMARIV officer.
They also collected a lot of annexes that did not have any agreement paper with the authority. Any officer can arrange a yard and bring in offenders with cars and they will collect and share.

The management people use their relatives and friends to get their contracts and pay slated money to them. There is a contractor Bari Pepple and Commander Ekon, Comptroller General’s brother, he does not bring money for the big tow van. Even after the contract was over, he was still been paid by TIMARIV.
Another one is PIARAGE Company, owned by the Comptroller General’s sister. They make uniforms for us. We are forced to finance the uniform.

Another one owned by one Mr. Fidelis, it is comptroller Eke, CTC. All the barracudas had been paid both the contractor accounts in Fidelity bank. All other small tow vans give returns to CTC.
Also a new company, Setawatch and a new contractor are been used to pay in our files and admin charges.

Our Prayers:
 We are asking the House of Assembly to come and rescue Rivers indigenes from this bad management and fraud. We want TIMARIV to survive.

Amongst our prayers, we ask that the House of Assembly orders TIMARIV to confirm our employment. And we call on TIMARIV to show evidence of remittance of pensions and taxes deducted from Rivers Indigenes.

We also ask the House to investigate the financial impropriety and multiply accounts opened by TIMARIV.
Chinda Beke

Meanwhile, the petition has been handed to the House Committee on Public Complains and Petitions to investigate the allegations and report back to the House. I will keep you posted once they present their report.

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