Friday, 29 March 2013

Another Bomb Attack Averted as Police Impede on the Planned Move

Tuesday, March 26, would have recorded the bombing of another part of Kano, save for the intervention of the police in Kano who intercepted a bomb-laden Golf 3 Motor Vehicle with Reg. No. AG 701 KTN and other dangerous weapons as you can see above.
Items found in the car included an AK 47 Rifle, Assault Rifle, 238 live ammunition of different caliber, Rocket Launcher, AK 47 Magazines, seven Turkey oil container stuffed with remote-control bombs, two cylinder remote-control devices, 14 hand grenades, four rolls of wire connector and 12 power source.
The recovery as gathered from Kano Commissioner of Police, Musa Daura, involved some bloodshed, but no death was recorded.

He said that the occupants of the vehicle upon sighting a police patrol van opened fire on his men who involved them in a gun battle, leaving some of the militants with bullet wounds.

“The intention of these hoodlums was to cause havoc and destabilize peace which will subsequently lead to economic and social sabotage in Kano state.
“However, my men sealed up the whole area with a view to identify and arrest the fleeing suspects,” Daura said.

“The occupants of the vehicle on sighting the Patrol Vehicle opened fire and immediately, our men responded with superior power, which made the occupants to abandon their vehicle and escaped with bullet wounds,” he added.

He also said that none of his men who went after the militants were wounded.


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