Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nigerian Singer, Darey Art Alade says He Makes his Money for his Wife to Spend

You might wonder how this is news or worthy of posting, so here is my reason for posting it.
Many of our Nigerian men will never allow their wives know how much they are making talk more of allowing them spent it at will.
But here is a gentle, handsome and popular soulful music singer who admits that he makes the money and the wife spends it and he is not complaining.
Here is what he said about his wife and his take on money issues-  "we have a great chemistry. We work together. I make all the money and she spends it. I am not complaining, she is not complaining either...Sometimes, I don’t even know how much I make. I don’t really care about money. It is people who worship money that care about it," he said

Well said Darey, although i am still angry with you for inviting Kim Kardashian for your show in February and paying her $500,000 for just 20 minutes introduction and photo shot with celebrities. Money that would have been used for better things. It makes me wonder how much these celebrities have if they can spend that whooping sum on just another Tv reality star.


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  2. Obioma Nweze-Onuh9 March 2013 at 13:34

    Perfect gentleman. Chioma u re doin a gud job, keep it up girl

  3. Thanks sweetheart, and thanks for keeping a date with my blog


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