Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rivers Ministry of Works Denies Cracks On Mile One Market Building

…Angry with RSTV for reporting crack without contacting the ministry 
Hon Giadom
By Chioma Andy
Rivers State Commissioner for Works, Hon. Victor Giadom, has frowned at the broadcasted report by Rivers State Television (RSTV) concerning a crack in the walls of the new Mile one Market building without clarification from the Ministry.

The commissioner did not seem to be happy with the television house carrying out its civic obligations to the public on informing them of the inherent harm that they detected in the market building in a bid to forestall tragedy at the market.

Hon. Giadom insisted that there was no crack in the building, but only an expansion joint that is synonymous with such big buildings.

The Commissioner explained that the Ministry has carried out integrity test on the foundation and structure of the building and pointed out that Engineers have certified the building as solid and fit for the purpose it was meant.
“What RSTV has done to Ministry of Works; in fact, to Rivers State Government is bad publicity.  We have carried out integrity tests on the foundation and structure of the Mile One Market building and have found it okay.  What you see as crack is only an expansion joint which is expected to be provided in a building like that”, he said.
He reiterated that the building is not defective but in good state, urging the public to discountenance the bad publicity on the market building.

He encouraged the traders using the new market building to go about their business without fear as there is nothing wrong with the building.
He expressed dismay that RSTV went to press without speaking with the authorities of his Ministry on such a sensitive matter, advising Journalists to confirm their stories before going to press.

RSTV recently showed on television what it termed as cracks on the walls of the Mile one market.

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