Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rivers Ultra Modern Waste Plant Completed, 100 Medical Doctors To Be Employed

           Dr. Emejuru, (first from left) at the Waste processing plant
Rivers State Governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has completed a 71,000 cubic metre ultra modern sewage plant to recycle all manner of waste and to keep the state free from hazards that emanate from dirty environment.

Some of the recycled waste from the sewage plant would be used for fertilizer and methane gas for agriculture and for other domestic uses.
Dr. Ogu Emejuru, Special Assistant to the Governor on Sewage Management said that the plant would provide job opportunities starting with the host community, Oroworukwu.

“About four years ago, the governor had a vision to have a sewage plant because of the issues of dumping sewage in the creeks and in gutters.  You know when sewage is dumped indiscriminately; the issue will bring about malaria, diseases and typhoid. So the Governor had the vision that we should have a sewage plant where sewage will be dumped and processed into re-useable materials like fertilizer, methane gas etc”, Emejuru said. Click on read more below to continue reading...
On the issue of employment, he said, “We will employ a lot of citizens here from Eagle Island.  The actual employment now will be for engineers: mechanical, electrical, waste management engineers.  That is when we commission.  We are in that process now of trying to work with them to see how we can bring them.  Even students from universities, they have come here to see how they can understudy the process of sewage treatment and deriving benefits from sewage,” he added.

He also mentioned that waste from water container plastics and sachet water that is readily available from waste bins and by the road sides would be recycled to produce another water container plastics or for other plastics that ranges from chairs, plates, buckets and any other thing that could be gotten from plastic.

Emejuru also said that the waste treatment and processing plant will process about 1,000 cubic metre of sewage per day or 20 truckloads of sewage daily. He disclosed that discussions were already going on with truck owners that would be providing them with the waste materials for recycling.

“We are talking now with sewage contractors.  We have met with them.  We have registered all the sewage contractors. They are very cooperative with us.  They are working with us. What we need now, we need sewage, we need the waste food, we need them to come here, so we will be talking to them.  So as we get more and more of business, we employ more and more," he declared.

According to Emejuru, the waste plant would bring about a cleaner environment and put a check on health challenges that arises from indiscriminate dumping of refuse.

He noted also that the plant when fully operational would increase the quantity of fertilizer or gas produced that would ultimately boost food production in the state.

“The issue of scarcity or high price of food items would improve because farmers would no longer pay huge amount of money for fertilizers. They would now be able to get it from the produce of this plant. This, I believe would to a great extent improve the agricultural state of Rivers State,” he finished.

In another development, Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board said it has gotten approval to employ 100 new medical doctors.
The State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Tamunoiyoriari Parker, stated this while speaking at the 23rd review meeting of free medical care programme in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Parker said that the initiative was to ensure that        all residents in the State have access to free and quality health care.  He stated that the employment of more doctors would help solve issues of unavailability of Doctors at hospitals.
Parker said he regretted that the rural dwellers in the state have not been able to benefit from the programme because of poor sensitisation and mobilization, but that that was being looked into.
Reacting, Permanent Secretary of Free Medical Care Programme, Dr. Nnesochi Offor, said that the review meeting which would be happening from time to time would afford them the opportunity to identify ways of improving on the programme.
Dr. Offor said that the programme which was introduced 13 years ago in the State has evolved to the point whereall residents in the State enjoy free medical care.                                                                                             
She explained that 130 health facilities were already participating in the programme, while 8 private health facilities have a memoranda of understanding with the government to provide free medical care during crises.
Dr. Offor said the newly built Kelsey Harrison Hospital and the Dental Maxillo-facial Hospital would also provide free Medical Care in the near future.
Meanwhile, Applications had been called for young qualified doctors to apply for the positions.

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