Monday, 11 March 2013

Six Suspects Arrested For Imposing As Members Of Rivers State Ministry Of Urban Development Officials To Defraud The Public

Dr. Danagogo
Six persons have been arrested and arraigned before the Magistrate court for pretending to be members of Task Force of Rivers State Ministry of Urban Development.
The ministry with the help of Olu Obasanjo Police station, Port Harcourt, arrested the six who were alleged to be imposters for defrauding and harassing members of the public. 

The arrest was made on Wednesday, 6 the March, 2013 with Mr. Dedeala Dede identified as the leader of the group.
Others arrested are: Jeremiah Chime, Ngorfa Christopher, Messrs Wisdom Neekue, Darius Liberty and Tamunopakiriba Briggs. click on read more below to continue reading...
They were arrested at Hotel Presidential Bus Stop while carrying out the act of controlling traffic and extorting money from innocent and unsuspecting residents of Rivers State.

They have since been charged to court and held in prison at the moment until on the 17th of April when their case would be heard in court.

Rivers State Commissioner of Ministry for Urban Development, Dr. Tammy Danagogo, commended the Police for their pro-action on arresting the suspects.

Dangogo warned that the ministry would not leave any stone unturned in fighting impostors who parade themselves as members of the ministry’s task force.

We have earlier warned people that parade themselves as members of the Ministry of Urban Development and extort money from the public to desist from such act, but some would not listen. We have been receiving complaints from people on how they are being harassed every time to pay one fee or the order that has no end. These ones that are caught are the scape-goats that would serve as a warning for intending impostors of the task force of the ministry. They will face the wrath of the law,” he said.

He used the opportunity to make it known to the public that they were not in any way involved in traffic control and would not demand money from anyone for failing any traffic rules.

Dr.  Danagogo therefore called on the members of the public to help the ministry fight the menace of fake taskforce officials by reporting any person or any location that money are being demanded from people other than the rightful people in charge of traffic control to the nearest Police station or to the ministry for prompt action.
"We are asking the public not to fold their hands and watch as their hard earned money are siphoned by these miscreants. We urge them to act fast by informing the ministry or the nearest Police station of such persons or the area where they parade themselves as staff of the ministry’s task force. This way, we can drastically reduce this demeaning act,” Danagogo finished.

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