Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Poor 6 Year Old Girl That Died From Car Airbag Eruption

little Chizurum
Quiet a pathetic story.  The picture you are seeing above is 6-year-old Chizurum Gloria Emmanuel who died as a result of eruption of the Airbag in her mother’s car when the mother stepped on the car break in an attempt to evade an impending accident.

Chizurum who is the only girl in the family of  3 boys was in the car coming back from school (St. Patrick’s College Asaba, Delta State) when another motorist tried to overtake her mother’s vehicle and in a bid for Chizurum’s mum to avoid hitting the other car’s bumper, matched the break.

This resulted in the eruption of the airbag that hit Chizurum who was in front of the vehicle and she started bleeding heavily from her nose and from the cut on her neck.

Chizurum was rushed to Federal Medical Centre (FMC), few meters away from the scene of the accident, but it was too late to save her life.

When Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) personnel was asked what could have been the reason for the busted airbag, he said that an expired airbag could do that and that a child that young might not be able to withstand the effect of it.

He advised car owners to check a car’s airbags 10 years after installation to help in avoiding such incidents.
For more details, see Guardian newpaper

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  1. OMG! What a painfull death. May her soul rest in the bossom of the lord almighty.


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