Thursday, 21 March 2013

This Man Is Accused Of Raping His Two Daughters and 15-Month Old Granddaughter

There are some stories that you will hear and you'll wonder if such can happen on this earth. Here is the story of a man that is accused of sexually abusing his 2 daughters and then his 15-month old granddaughter.

The man, Sylvester Ehijie, 49 years, was accused by his wife of sleeping with his daughters for many years, but had to cry out to the public when their 15-month old granddaughter was violated by Sylvester.
The wife, Margaret Ehijie, said that their eldest daughter who is 23 years old now (the mother of the 15-month old baby girl that was violated) had been a victim of her husband’s sexual assault.

Margaret said that she had always been the one to bring back the baby girl from the daycare near their home at Ejigbo, somewhere in Lagos state, but on that fateful day, Sylvester went to pick the baby up from the daycare and probably had his way with the child in the hope that nobody will know.
Margaret on getting home noticed that the child had been crying and still wailing uncontrollably. She said she tried to soothe her but all to no avail, and then she finally checked her diapers to see if she had soiled it, only to see the blood coming out of the child’s private part.

She said that she became afraid and raised her voice not understanding why a child of her age should be bleeding, but that the reaction on her husband’s face made her understand what her transpired.

She said that Sylvester became nervous which made her to report him to the Police station at Ejigbo.
On medical check of the private part of the child, it was discovered that her vaginal hymen was no longer intact.

Sylvester on his part is denying all the accusations saying that he was not guilty of the crime, but that it was a means for his wife, Margaret, to smear his name because he did not pay her bride price.
Meanwhile, Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said that Sylvester would soon be charged to court.

For more details, see punch newspaper

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