Saturday, 2 March 2013

Wow! Genevieve and Omotola Now Friends after Years of Disaffection

Omotola and Genevieve
What you are seeing above is a source of joy to me.
These two Nollywood actresses have been at silent cold war with each other with Omotola not hiding the fact that she isn't a friend to Genevieve and so on.
Genevieve had since they fell apart as friends never attended Omotola's paties nor invited Omotola to hers.
The picture above was taken last week during Omotola's 35th birthday. Genny honouring the invitation is an indication that things are getting better between them.

They cut cake together, were around each other most of the time, and of course, took pictures together.
This is indeed a welcomed development. click on read more below to see another picture

Omotola rushed to Genny and hugged her the moment she stepped into her party

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