Thursday, 11 April 2013

Find Out Why Peter Rufai, Former Super Eagles Goalkeeper May Go To Jail

Peter Rufai may go to jail
Former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Peter Rufai, who was known for the victory he got for the nation in the 1994 African Cup of Nations, and kept goal for European clubs such as K.S.C Lokeren, K.S.K Beveren (both of Belgium) and Deportivo de La Coruna of Spain, has been alleged to have diverted the sum of 200, 000 euro that was entrusted in his care by his fellow Nigerians in Belgium.

There is an indication that the Belgian government has an arrangement in place for ethnic groups and that of nationals of other countries that reside in Belgium whereby financial supports are given to them every quarter. At times, it is 5000 euro in a quarter, and at other times it is well above it.

The Source divulged that last year, the Nigerian Community Football Club, an outfit managed by the ex-international and in division 4 of the Belgian League, received 200,000 euro (about N44 million) from the Belgian authority to prosecute the club’s programmes with other countries like Ghana, Sierra Leon also beneficiaries.

Rufai is said to have absconded with the money from Belgium to Nigeria and now stands the risk of going to jail should he return back to Belgium.

The source also said that things have not been going on well financially for the Eagles former goal keeper and that the claim that he fainted last year in his office due to health matters and the news of his 78 years old mother was false and only a gimmick to distract people from the money he stole took.

He is said to stand the risk of 3 or 6 months imprisonment if he returned to Belgium.

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