Monday, 22 April 2013

Gosh! Video of a Girl Raped and Buried Alive at Bonny, Rivers State Released

Some people are so ruthless and heartless. This case was all over the air last year and it was about a young lady raped by 4 guys in Bonny Island of Rivers State and after which, buried alive so that there would be no way to trace their evil deed.
But luck was against them and the Joint Task Force (JTF) got the hint and apprehended the men and forced them to take them to the site of the burial and to exhume the body.

What gives me the shivers is that the body of the girl is still fresh and not stiff.
It means that it was not long ago that they buried the girl.
Wish someone saw them burying her and informed JTF on time. See the video after the cut, but be warned that it is not a good site to view...


  1. Wickedness of the highest order. Human beings are so wicked. It pains me to my marrow. God please help us

  2. If i am God, i would open the ground to swallow those bastards alive, and if i'm the JTF i would make them eat that girls' body raw, because i'm convince anyone who could do such a thing is not human. They violated her and still have the heart to take away her life in such a cruel manner. God will not forgive them and that is why they were caught.

  3. This is pure wickednes!!! Ve searched the internet everybody is reporting same thing,if this happened last year why are we hearing it now? What happened to the animals that killed her? Hope they are not kids of rich men and the case is been buried under piles of money? Cos from the video u could tell they've not been touched.


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