Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mile 3 Traders Cry Out to Government to Save them from Flood

Traders at Mile 3 Market in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, have called on government to run to their rescue to save them from imminent flooding of their shops.
Speaking to some of the traders at the market, Margeret Ihunwo, a fish seller, she said that they have been battling with flooding every time it rains heavily, leaving their market goods in danger.
“We were happy with the roads that the governor built which has benefitted us, but our fear now is that that happiness might soon turn to regret because every time it rains, the drainage gets filled and there is no way for the water to pass but to enter our shops,” she said.

James Amadi, a foodstuff seller said that the rain puts them in great danger. And that is nothing is done on time, many would stand the chance of going bankrupt.

“Look at my store, you will see that I deal on Rice, Beans, and other cereals which do not go hand in hand with water. Whenever it rains, we that sell perishable goods become afraid because it spells doom for us.
“Once the drainage gets filled up, there would be no place for the rain to enter but our shops, and this I must confess, is getting me really worried and I pray that the government will come to our rescue,” he added.
“I think the problem is that the drainage were not well channeled,” Adi, traveling bag seller said.

“Even if it were just a little drop of rain that touched the ground, the whole place would be filled up because the drainage would be filled up in no time.
“Many times, you will some people coming to clear the drainage, but few days after that, once it rains again, they will all get filled up,” he said.

Going round the market, one would notice that the market which has good network of roads have been littered with dirt and empty cans of mineral drinks and plastic bottles.
Efforts to get across to the Commissioner for Special Duties and Commissioner for Information and Communication for comments yielded no results.

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