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Monalisa Talks about her Murdered Father, her Marriage, Finding Love Again and more

Monalisa chinda talks about her father's death, her foundation and finding love again chioma andy's blog
Nollywood actress , Monalisa Chinda is one actress that one could easily take for a foreigner; accents, carriage and skin colour wise.
But did you know that Monalisa’s father was murdered? Did you also know that she has her own foundation, that she is in a relationship and a whole lot of other things you do not know about.
She granted an interview to sun where she disclosed a lot about herself that had been hidden from the public all these while.
Here are some clips from the interview:

In essence, you don’t believe in love?
I believe in love. Love is the main reason we are even sitting down here. But sometimes, it is really not enough. You want to get things done. You have to take that emotion out and be real and address situation as it is.

Do you believe in marriage?
I believe in marriage. Whether you like it or not, it is the best option.

How soon will the bells toll?
I honestly do not know about that and I honestly can’t tell.

But you will remarry.
I just told you that I am designed to be under a man.

Have you found love again?
Why are you asking me that question? Love is neither here nor there. I am a lover. I mean, I love to love. When I say that I love to love, what does that tell you?

There is this rumour that you are in love again?
Is there anything wrong with that?

Is there any man in your life as we speak?
Yes, there is.

And they say he is Lanre Nzeribe. Is he?
No comment.

Between when you left your former husband and now, what would you say life has taught you?
I am stronger and wiser now. I have known how not to get involved in anything emotional. If you are too emotional even in a relationship, you don’t get to think. You don’t let emotions overrule your sense of reasoning. I have understood what it means to be very patient and to persevere and also be careful with people around me. When you think somebody is your very good friend, you end up finding out that the person is actually the enemy within. I have learnt all of that because I have been alone and exposed to all of that. While I was in my marriage, I didn’t really go out. I just do my work and go back home.

If your ex-husband comes back sober, will you accept him?
No. I have moved on. He has moved on. He is married with kids, how is that?

 For the full interview, click HERE

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