Saturday, 20 April 2013

Picture of the Miraculous Survivor of the Benin-Ore Fire Incidence…Says Hospital Insisted on N2000 Before Treating Him

survivor of the Benin-Ore fire incidence

It is indeed a miracle that someone survived that horrific fire incidence some weeks ago that claimed not less than 80 persons’ lives.
While others were writhing in pain and getting burnt, Kenneth Chinedu Nwaokoro, a 24-year-old final year student of Information Technology of Caritas University, believed he was going to make it out of the burning bus alive.

He said he jumped out of the window and ran even with burns all over his face and arm to save his life.
The baffling thing is that he said that even as he was in pains and with fire injuries all over his body, the hospital he ran into insisted on him depositing N2000 before he would be treated.

“The fire burnt my back and face. On landing, I ran straight to a local hospital close to the scene of the accident, where I had to part with N2, 000 before they gave me first aid. I then contacted my younger brother, who came and took me to Enugu,” he said.

What if he did not have any money on him, would he have been treated or left to die like others who could not be helped? Our people know how to prioritise issues indeed especially at the health centres.

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