Friday, 12 April 2013

Pictures From Musician 2shot's Court Wedding

William Orioha (2shot) weds his wife at court registry
Remember I told you about their marriage introduction that happened this week Tuesday at the girl's village in Imo state, and promised to get you pictures from their court wedding, well, this is it.
The court wedding between William Orioha, a.k.a 2shot and his long time babe, Precious Jones took place today at Ikoyi Registry.
So he is now officially, a married man. Good one!


  1. I wonder what she was thinking with the dress and the ugly head piece. She looks so unprepared and out of place. 2shots sef na wa, his color combo is very eye distrubing.

    1. Omg!!!lmao jesuschrist.precious echefu naso u také finish the remaining life u have.ur sister born for house,u u born for house after fucking all the dublin boys.i still have ur naked picture..time to make u a celebrity not this cheap one lmao.see ur hair and ur dress lolmgbeke.very ashamed of you

  2. WDF!nawa o.wetin be this???very localchampion.Nne u need big transformation o.God forbid!

  3. Ooooo boy. Boys are not smılıng. See remark. Na wa ooo.

  4. Ya,you are right.i saw a keek video of her mum dancing in a party like a slut on facebook on the girl's,how do you expect the children to be mother like daughters.

  5. Yeah, her mother who lives in Ireland is so wayward that she was banned from driving after she was caught drunk and driving, the police gave her a chase and when they caught up with her, she came out of her car, pulled up her clothes and urinated right in front of the policemen, yeah that is how irresponsible she is. We all live in Galway in the republic of Ireland and this woman and her children are all seen as irresponsible people, This woman treats her husband like shit, she goes about sleeping with married men. This her daughter and one other one both had children at home. I would've thought that she would advice her stupid and ugly daughter whom i have never seen in any European magazine here in Ireland to go silent with this sham marriage. She was so desperate to hook up a man and this short man fell victim. I guess he did not inquire about this cursed family before wedding this girl. She is a local model here, she is not good enough to model for serious modelling agency here, she models for another prostitute called chidi, whose husband lives in London and she gets sampled by married men here, yeah that is the backyard tailor she models for. I feel for this guy called too short because an apple does not fall far from the tree. She will DEFINITELY turn out like her mum.

  6. I now undstnd y she opted 4 a court wedn.RIP in advance 2 2short


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