Monday, 8 April 2013

Pictures of 3 Friends that Died as a Result of Generator Fume

This is a very pathetic story reported by pm news. It happens daily in our environment and we do not know who to blame, the person that puts on his generator near his bedroom window while he falls asleep, or the government that has failed to provide us with steady power supply that leaves us no choice than to seek for other means of power generation.

I still do not know who to blame, but it's always touchy when we hear of such story.
The three friends were identified as Kadri Akanbi (20 years), Wale Kola Ola (18 years) and Saka Adeosun (15 years) who died in their sleep after inhaling the fumes from a generator that was close to the shop their were sleeping.

It happened at house number109/111, Alakuko Road, Akera area of Agbado in Ogun State, Nigeria.
The three of them were until their death apprentices in a vulcanising and welding shop where they use as their bedroom every night.

The landlord, Shoremi Moses, was the first to notice that their generator was still on in the morning and they were not yet up and about their routines of opening the shop and getting it ready for business as they always did.
He reported the case to Police who came and noticed the foams from their ear, nose and mouth and suggested and said that it was the generator fume that sent them to their untimely death.
The families of the victims have already claimed their dead and buried them without allowing for further investigations.

They were of the opinion that there was no need for the post mortem since it will not bring them back to life.
When the policemen arrived the scene of the incident, they discovered that the victims were foaming from their mouth, ear and nose, an indication that they were choked to death by the generator fume.

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