Saturday, 6 April 2013

What! Actor John Dumelo Married all these While? (Picture)

John Dumelo's Wife based in USA Chioma Andy's Blog
John and Harrinia
It is unbelieveable but true, at least going the marriage certificate that is accompanying this post.
Handsome, tall and talented Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo is reported to have been married all this while to a lady based in the US for some time while telling everyone and the media that he is still single and searching.
According to, the 29-year old actor have been married to 26-year old Harrinia A Dembele, who is also an actress, a model and nurse.
Continue reading to see a copy of their marriage certificate from a Circuit Court in Arlington, Virgin Island.


  1. He is marred she is a really good friend of mine. I had to look it up in public records its true. I cannot believe she would marry a womanizer. She s a well respected actress and she is a nurse in Maryland. I am really upset with her. She could have married someone better than this

  2. Really? oh what a pity. And we all thought that John was this lovely guy that could not hurt a fly.

  3. Hmmmm, does he have any reason as to why he was hiding her and telling the world he's still single and search? cause i watched him on life show on Cineafrik and he stated it clearly when asked about his marital status 'single and still searching'. All the same, beautiful ladies out there be warned! KEEP OFF!

  4. wonder shall never end i don't know why to say common truth is very hard for some people like dumelo John


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