Thursday, 11 April 2013

Woman Whips House-help with Wire, Causes her Great Injuries (Picture)

According to what PM news is reporting, a housewife, Mrs Chioma Egbe, is been interrogated by the Police for allegedly beating her 10 year old house help, Miracle Ndubisi, because the little girl asked her to take her to school.

The woman who resides at 9, Hassan Olawele Street, Abaranje, Ikotun, Lagos has been reported to always beat and inflict injuries on the little girl whom she brought from their village in Okigwe, Imo State.
This time around, she tied Miracle’s mouth and wiped her with wire on her and all through her body.
Miracles parents gave Mrs Chioma their little girl in December 2012, because she promised to enroll her in school.

The father of the little girl, Vitalis Ndubisi, said he was shocked to get a call from the hospital telling him that his daughter was in a critical health condition.

He said that every time he called to inquire and speak with Miracle, that she will tell him that everything was alright not knowing that Mrs. Chioma, her madam, would be there to make sure that she did not tell them the real state of things.

Miracle is presently receiving treatment at Manifel Medical Centre at 401, Abaranje Road Ikotun. She said, “I did know where to go and how to go back to my village. Whenever my dad called me on phone, she would ask me to speak with him in her presence so that I will tell my dad we are living in peace” she narrated at the hospital.

Mrs Chioma who is a wife to a Police officer said she was not always beating her as alleged, but mistakenly injured her face when she was beating her for not sweeping.

The medical doctor, Dr Sebastine Okoro, administering treatment on Miracle said that she was brought to the hospital in a critical condition by two men identified as Oke Adebisi and Ola Babafemi having heard her story after seeing her at a pharmacy store with injuries all over her body.

The doctor said he has been battling to save her life, adding that he had to administer her with drips and injections as well as feed her because she said she had not eaten for some days before she was brought to the hospital.

The father of the child who said that the girl was already in Primary 4 before she left village at the plea of Miracle’s mother to join Mrs. Chioma, said he just prays that his child will recover so he can take her home.

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