Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Woman whose Daughter was Killed by a Policeman insists she should be Buried before her Daughter

This is one of those stories you hear of and you can’t help but feel sad and maybe even shed some tears.

72 years old Madam Rachael Esan Olajiga has taken the death of her daughter at the cold hands of a careless Police man as one that she would not be able to survive.

She has refused to be consoled because her pregnant daughter, Mrs Oluwaseun Sunday, who had lost her husband too was shot by a Policeman while she was in a vehicle conveying her to the market.
The old madam Rachael waited patiently for her return from the market not knowing that she would not set her eyes ever again on her beloved daughter.

She is insisting that she be buried first as it is an abomination for her to witness the burial of her daughter.
Please click HERE  to read the full pathetic story.

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