Thursday, 9 May 2013

God! Vast of Bracket Music Group Diagnosed with Cancer of the Blood

Vast Before the Sickness
If you do not know him then you must have heard the ever popular song, 'Yori Yori', yes he is one of the two singers known as bracket.
I cannot really bring myself to write this but i am only doing so because i need you to please pray for his recovery.
Nwachukwu Ozioko known as Vast in their Bracket record label is or i would love to say, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the blood), and had been having  symptoms of continuous coughing, weight loss, body pains, headaches and weakness and went for a diagnose in a hospital in Nigeria that took over 3 months to come out with the result, which by then had spread to his liver.

But thankfully, he is recovering well since being admitted at Wellington Hospital in the UK and will be back soon.
His treatment actually gulps down N1.4 million each and he has undergone 4 circles of Chemotherapy and will do some more before returning.
the pictures below are those of him receiving treatment in the hospital

Vast of Bracket in Hospital for treatment of Cancer of the Blood


  1. I pray he gets better in Jesus name.Amen!!God abeg o

  2. He will surmount dis in Jesus name


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