Friday, 17 May 2013

Oh! Graphic Picture of Okada Rider and His Passenger Crushed to Death by a Trailer

I would have blamed this on the continued commercial use of motorcycles commonly known as 'Okada', but i had a second thought.
Lagos state government had wanted to ban the use of okada as is the case in many states in Nigeria now, but for the outcry from the okada riders and their customers, it peddled down a little.
But like i said, i wanted to blame this on the okada man but after hearing how the sad event happened, i got to know that it was the okada man trying to manoeuvre his way through while the trailer carrying sharp sand was tripping over.
It happened yesterday evening at Ijoju, Sango Ota in Lagos and instantly left the two dead.
I would have discouraged you from seeing the picture but been that you are as curious as i am, you can go ahead to see the picture after the cut...

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