Saturday, 6 July 2013

National Assembly Member Faults Comments By PDP Chieftain Over Power Rotation In Rivers State

A Member of the National Assembly, Ogbonna Nwoke, has faulted comments by a PDP Chieftain in Etchie, Emma Anyanwu, which insinuated that power rotation is not in the politics of the Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers state.

The lawmaker who represents Etchie Omuma Constituency in the House of Representative told newsmen in Port Harcourt that such comment shows that Emma Anyanwu has gone out of touch with the political realities.

“My senior brother, Prince Emma Anyanwu, has gradually become out of touch with the realities on ground. It is not true that in the Rivers state we have not had any form of power rotation. Even the constitution of this country recognises the need to rotate power. If you do not do that, it means that only the strong will have the ability to occupy office at the expense of the weak. And so it is not true,” he said.

Ogbonna Nwoke also said that stopping the rotation formula in politics in Rivers state will deny the politically weak areas access to political offices.
“…those who are saying so are invariably trying to exclude the rural people of ever contesting governorship election in Rivers state and that is what Governor Amaechi is trying to prevent.”
He also said calls by Prince Emma Anyanwu for senatorial slot to go to the people of Etchie have been settled.

“On the issue of senate, Governor Amaechi has said clearly that it is easy to be won by the people of the majority, therefore I agree with Emma Anyanwu that the Ikwerres have occupied the office, the Okirikas have occupied that place. But Emma Anyanwu should not defend a local champion. The issues that we are talking about are already on the table. He should not create doors of inciting the people. He already knows that the only way to prove the senate position is that a good person or true democrats like Governor Amaechi chairs the issue at stake.”

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