Tuesday, 9 July 2013

PDP Members in Rivers State Engage in War Of Words

As the political face-off between Governor Rotimi Amaechi and Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike continues, loyalists have engaged in war of words.
A prominent supporter of Governor Rotimi Amaechi and Rivers state Commissioner for Agriculture, Emmanuel Chindah, described the recent comments made by PDP executives in Rivers state during a visit to President Goodluck Jonathan as shameful.

He said the visit to the president was a mis-used opportunity.
“They forgot to remind the president that our people are asking questions about the completion of the East-West road that has been killing a lot of people. They forgot to remind the government that our people are asking questions about the Eleme road which is impassable. As the rains are falling now you can’t go to Ogoni, you can’t go to Eleme or that part of the state and it is a federal government project.

“They forgot to remind the president that our people are asking questions about the Bonny-Bodo road which is a federal government project and has been lying there and the Bonny people are feeling that they will like to be going home by road just like Governor Amaechi has made it possible for the Opobo Nkoro people to go home by road, also for the Andoni people to begin to go home by road. They forgot to remind the president that our oil wells are going,” Chinda said.

Politicians on the side of the Minister of State for Education are also talking.
One of them, the Chairman of the House of Assembly, Committee on Public Petitions and Complaints, Okechukwu Chinda, criticised the denial by the Chief of Staff Government House Port Harcourt, Tony Okocha, that Nyesom Wike’s efforts was not responsible for Governor Amaechi’s coming to power in 2007.

“I listened with dismay the utterances of Tony Okocha, the Chief of Staff to Government House Port Harcourt concerning the interview Chief Nyesom Wike granted to some national dailies concerning his role in the emergence of Amaechi as  governor in 2007

First of all, I want to say that Tony Okocha lacks the competence to speak. To talk about the travails of Amaechi in 2007 and the role Nyesom Wike played in making Amaechi the governor in 2007,” Okechukwu said.

The president of the Grassroot Development Initiative, Bright Amaewhule, condemned the Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Chidi Lloyd and the Chief of Staff Government House, Tony Okocha,  for their verbal attacks on the Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike,.
Bright Amaewhule told newsmen that Chidi Lloyd and Tony Okocha are men without characters and full of betrayals.

“Chidi Lloyd remains a deceit and a betrayer. I say so because I know that even while the matter in the court against G.U. Ake as PDP chairman of the state was on, Chidi Lloyd was texting the honourable minister (all these text are available) informing him of not having any support for Governor Amaechi and G.U. Ake.
“If he says it is a lie, let him come to the public, let us go to MTN and make enquiries whether those text messages are not there. The same Chidi and Tony conveyed a meeting to instigate us against Azubuike Wanjoku,” Bright said.

“Chidi Lloyd would not have gone back to the House of Assembly in 2011 if not for Nyesom Wike. I challenge him to say that the form which he used to run that election was not bought by Nyesom Wike.
“The money was paid by Nyesom Wike. Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state has concluded plans to for Emma Chinda, the present Commissioner for Agriculture, to go and represent Emohua people in the House of Assembly,” Bright finished.

In a swift reaction, the Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Chidi Lloyd, advised the public not to take the likes of Bright Amaewhule and Wanosike Samuel serious.
He said he has no regret for parting ways with the Minister of State for Educaiton and pitching his tent with Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

“Let them publish the text messages I have been sending to Nyesom Wike and let Chibuike Amaechi, the Governor of Rivers state show how much he has given me so far for supporting him. These are not the issues. I should not react to such issues. Bright Amaewhule was my senior in Government Secondary School Emohua, he was there when I entered, and he was there when I left. This Bright is not bright. The records are there,” Chidi said. 

Continuing, he said, “Then he talked about one Anosike that is not an Ikwerre name, his records are there in RSUST. I don’t want to join issues with him. Bright Anosike should say who the contractor for the federal road of Omagwa is.”

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