Saturday, 6 July 2013

Shell Reacts over Allegation of Sabotaging Efforts of IPMAN

Shell Petroleum Development Company says it is not true that it sabotaged efforts of the Independent Petroleum Marketers in ensuring optimal performance of the petroleum refinery.

Spokesperson of Shell, Precious Okolobo, said this in reaction the report that Shell always took time to commence pumping of crude oil in the pipeline after repairs have been carried out.

Precious Okolobo in a telephone chat said Shell had maintained international standards in its processes. He also said activities of Shell aim at protecting environment of the host community.

“We go through this process to prevent that we do not pump crude oil into the environment. So if we conduct a repair, that is, a step by step process of commissioning and also resuming production across the pipeline, we need to test the pipelines and ensure that there is not leak and then advise stations to take off pumping of crude in a gradual manner. You don’t just open up all the stations at the same time, you need to start slowly and begin to build pressure along the line.”

The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) had accused Shell at a meeting of its stakeholders of sabotaging its effort in ensuring that the Port Harcourt refinery performs optimally.
The chairman of IPMAN, Sunny Nkpe, told stakeholders that some operations of Shell have not helped the refinery function. 

“Shell has not been supplying the needed amount of crude to the refinery. Even some time when we’ve concluded emergency repairs of vandalised points, if Shell is asked to supply, it takes them time. And when they want to resume, you find out that that same point have been vandalised again. Vandalisation is common when there is no pressure in the pipeline.

“We were thinking that if Shell is really committed, that at any point we give signal that the lines are through, Shell should immediately resume pumping, but that has not been the case.”

The chairman also warned communities where pipelines are located to protect the pipelines in their domain.

“We have mobilised securities to double their efforts and ensure that whoever is caught on these pipelines will be arrested and prosecuted. As far as we are concerned, the IPMAN in national interest supersedes individual interest. And so it is in the interest of everyone that this refinery works. The refinery is in top shape.”

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