Saturday, 31 August 2013

Nkiru Reacts to Allegations of Romance with Imo State Governor

Actress Nkiru Sylvanus has been under attack ever since she was made one of Governor Rochas Okorocha's special adviser.

She was even said to have be warned by the governor's wife to stay off her husband of which she allegedly paid a deaf ear to.

The heat became so much when she was kidnapped some time ago and the office of the governor declared some good sum of money for her ransom.
Nkiru on her part had tried to keep her head up and neglect all the accusations until recently when she voiced out what she thinks about it.
"It is unfortunate that people can say such false stories. I’ve been working for this man even before he decided to contest for the gubernatorial election. During the elections in Imo State I was all over the State. I attended every major campaign event for His Excellency, Governor Okorocha.

"I was there when he declared his interest to aspire for the office of governor in Imo state. Then, people did not talk about my alleged relationship with him. They saw me on T.V they heard me on the Radio, they saw me take part in the Street Rallies, they saw me at the INEC office in Owerri, yet nobody talked about me being in a relationship with him.
"Now that God has made it possible for him to become a governor the rumour mongers have started talking. All of a sudden, they accuse me of sleeping with a man I look up to as my mentor and father simply because he appointed me as one of his advisers.

"Some people in our society find it very hard to believe that a lady can ever get anything on merit, especially in the Nigerian context. Once a lady gets to a top position in government or any other sector in the society and it happens to come from a man, it is often assumed that she is romantically linked to the man.

"This mindset of our people is not good at all and it needs to be addressed. I believe that a lot of women out there have got what it takes to arrive at the top without sleeping around with men. But I am not discouraged because I know that it is the hand-work of detractors and disgruntled politicians."

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