Monday, 2 September 2013

'I have Not Quit Acting' - Zack Orji

Many have missed his perfect rendition of movie scripts with impeccable command of English language. Zack Orji needs no introduction when it comes to Nollywood and outside Nollywood.
He was one of the actors that gave meaning to the world home movie in Nigeria. He can only be compared to the likes of Pete Edochie, Larry Goldsweat and a few others, but he has also been missing on the screens of Nigeria home videos and one wonders if he is done with acting, what he is doing at the moment and what his opininon of actors and actresses going into music to supplement their acting income is, if it is true that he is now a pastor...
All these and more are what you are going to be learning with the interview he granted Punch newspaper when you continue below...

“All over the world, it is normal for people in any field of life to go into something different when they get to a certain level. Here in Nigeria, civil servants and teachers try their hands on different things besides their regular jobs," Zack said.

"So, I don’t know why those of actors should be any different. This is a normal human endeavour. More so, most times your salary is never enough to take care of your responsibilities. Being an actor does not stop us from doing other things. So, let’s not look at it as abnormal. People can always choose to express their talents in other areas,” he added.

Orji, who was recently ordained a pastor at the Powerline Church, in Lagos, also countered claims that he had quit acting due to his new calling.

“While it is true that I am now a pastor, it has not in any way affected my career. I have featured in various movie projects lately, the most recent being Chimamanda Adichie’s best-selling novel, Half of a Yellow Sun, which was recently adapted for screenplay.

"Besides, I have been on various sets. I won’t be able to tell you their titles because most times all the producers do is to bring you scripts, without a title. I will be on set of a new movie by ace Nollywood producer, Rosemary Ingbi, next week,” he finished.

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