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Oh Pity! 14 Year Old Teenager Takes Own Life Over Bullying at School

Oh Pity! 14 Year Old Teenager Takes Own Life Over Bullying at School

It's so painful when one hears of the loss of life of young promising teenagers or anyone over things they felt they could not handle.
The beautiful young teenage girl above, Izzy Dix committing suicide when she felt she could no longer face the bullying meted out on her daily at school.

She was told she wasn't beautiful, wanted and all sort of things. While i will never support suicide as a way out of any situation, i however, think it's time we gave this bullying thing some attention.
I know you might say that it's not in our character to easily commit suicide in Nigeria, well, yes, i agree, but we are joining hands together to speak against it.

It is wrong to bully people no matter how lightly the bully take it.
This bullying thing happens everywhere in the world and my hope is that the sensitsation will be taken to the schools to help save another life before it's too late.
Izzy's mother narrates the story on  what happened and the letter Izzy wrote before committing suicide...

14 yr old Izzy committed suicide on September 17th. Her mother explained what happened that night.
‘Izzy would come home and sob in my arms" Her mother Gabbi said "They called her “ugly”, “freak”, “frigid”. If she put her hands up in class, she’d be labelled a “swot” and they’d snigger at her, or make crude comments. They’d exclude her from events, tell her to go home, she wasn’t wanted. They’d turn their backs on her, literally. When she did come home, it didn’t stop, because it doesn’t, these days. They name-called her by text, then online. She’d log onto Facebook and get abuse. Then onto that awful site and be subjected to filth."

"When she came home from school that night, she seemed tired and a bit cranky. We had words because I wanted to watch The Great British Bake Off and she didn’t. But there was nothing to suggest she was going to do what she did. I remember she painted her nails - she was so meticulous about how she looked - then went up to her room and did her homework, had a shower, got her bag ready for school, laid out her uniform. I popped in and we had another chat about how the bullying was getting on top of her. It was nothing we hadn’t done 100 times before, and I’d always give her the talk about how she was stronger than the bullies.
‘Then I went downstairs while she got ready for bed. I had a cup of tea and a cigarette — she hates me smoking so I did it outside. I was gone 15 minutes, tops. In that 15 minutes my life was destroyed.’
When she came back inside, Gabbi went back upstairs to see if Izzy was getting into bed, but the bedroom door did not swing back as usual.
‘Something was blocking it, and it was Izzy,’ she says, and breaks down completely.
Her description of the hours that followed is too awful to relate in detail, but she managed to get her daughter’s body down and dial 999, then ran hysterically into the street. Neighbours tried to revive Izzy while she ‘just took off’.

‘It’s all a blur. At one point I ran into a car. A police officer had to restrain me. ‘I remember him saying, “I am so sorry to have to do this” as he got me to the ground.’
below is Izzy's note before the suicide:

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