Friday, 13 December 2013

Get 3GB From Etisalat for N1K

This label/page is new from Chioma Andy's Blog and it will be dealing with tweaks for very, very low or almost free internet plans that will allow you enjoy your time on the net.

This of course is all thanks to my good friend, Yomiprof, the man with the big heart.

So, If you have been paying huge amount of money like N8, 000 to have 3gigabyte of data to browse with, then let me tell you about this new unlocked plan from etisalat bb plan that will give you that 3gb for just N1, 000.

You need to have etisalat modem or a modem that is unlocked (that is if it is an MTN modem, when unlocked, it can accept all other networks). If you need to know how to unlock your modem, i will be dealing with that soon so stay tuned to this page.
Note: this plan has been blocked by Etisalat. Please discontinue until we find an alternative for cheaper alternative. sorry for the inconvenience.
Back to the gist, if you have an etisalat modem or unlocked modem then follow the easy steps below:
1.   first, put the sim card in a phone and
2.   dial *229*0# to remove any auto renewal that might be hanging around your data plans.
3.  then recharge your line with N1, 000 and dial *499*3# for monthly or recharge N500 and dial  
     *499*3*1# for a weekly plan. (but monthly plan is preferable).

4.   then you will get a confirmation from then telling you that you have 3000mb or more than that. if the
      confirmation is delaying, then dial *228# to check the data. when you see that they have given you the
      3gb, then move to the next level.
5.  You will need to recharge another N100 to activate the bb daily plan to allow it work on modems. so
     dial*599*3*2# and you will be given 15mb extra. after the confirmation text that you have be given the
     daily data, or you check your balance and confirm that N100 has been deducted from your balance,
     then dial *229*0# to deactivate the bb daily plan auto renewal so that they don't keep on taking N100
     from your account
6.  then put the sim card back into your modem and go to where you have TOOLS on the top of the
     modem window. follow the screen shots below:

etisalat cheap internet data plan
                                                                    Click on Tools

etisalat cheap internet data plan
                                                                    Click on Options

etisalat cheap internet data plan
                                                    Click on Profile Management

                                                                           Click on New

for profile name: Etisalat bb plan, APN click Static, and in the space type:,
Access no *99#, for password and unser name, type-  internet
Then click on ok and save and you are good to go.

When you go back to the main window of your modem, choose the etisalat bb plan and surf away. (you can always check your data balance with *228#)

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