Tuesday, 7 January 2014

APC, Rivers State Government Accuse PDP, GDI, Nyesom Wike in Attack of Two Courts in Rivers State

Ibim Semenatari
The Rivers State Government has linked the member representing Ogu-Bolo in the Rivers State House of Assembly, Evans Bipi the Coordinating Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike and those close to the PDP for the attack on Ahoada and Okehi Court.

The Rivers State Commissioner for Information, Ibim Semenitari at a press conference said recent report of violent activities of members of grass-root Development Initiatives (GDI) which is a political platform in support of Nyesom Wike and PDP are reasons to arrive at the conclusion.
“We are not uncertain that Mr. Evans Bipi and his clique including the coordinating minister of education and other persons or those related or close to them, may be connected with these happenings.

“The reason we say that is because again of the things that had happened in Etche and Omuma where when the GDI attempted to rig a launching, they broke into the secretariat.
“And because we have seen repeated case of violence by GDI and their member, we are very events occurring have the signature of members of the GDI”, Semenitari said.

She also called on security agencies in the state to take seriously these incidents. She further said up till now the security agencies in Rivers State have not come out with a report on several cases of security breaches in the state including the attack on part of the deputy governor’s office last December.
“We would like the security agencies to take this matter very seriously as it concern the assests of Rivers people and the lives of Rivers people.

“This is not the first explosion as we are aware in recent happening. In December, you are aware there was a mild explosion in the office of the deputy governor of Rivers State. We are still awaiting the security agencies report on that matter.
“You are also aware that there were sounds of dynamite going off around Abonima Wharf in December.
“We are still awaiting reports on that form the security agencies” Semenitari said.
In the meantime, the All Progressive Congress (APC) is blaming the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the coordinating minister of education, Nyesom Wike for the bombing incident at Ahoada High Court and the fire that consumed Etche magistrate court.

A statement by the media aide to the APC chairman in Rivers State, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze also challenged the accused persons to come public and prove their innocence.

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