Saturday, 29 March 2014

RSUST Year 2 Engineering Student Shot and Killed by Armed Robbers

RSUST  Year 2 Engineering Student Shot and Killed by Armed Robbers
Damilola killed at LASU 2013
A year two student in the Department of Engineering at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) is now feared dead after being shot by armed youths at his apartment at Billie close beside the back gate of the institution.

The incidence took place this morning around 7am. Some students who reside in the compound explained to us that they also lost valuable items in the attack.
One of the students said; “We were inside the room this morning around 4am and me I was sleeping and they woke me up that thieves were outside. So I peeped through the window and I saw them and immediately took my laptop and hid it inside the room somewhere safe. So we came outside and charged the guys. They robed something that is sticky on their body and we tried our best. When they brought our guns, we ran into the room and started shouting, “bring that knife” so that they could be frightened and run away.

“Thieves came to our compound at about 4am this morning with guns. Two of them were stake naked and others were just in boxers and tops. And they stole from three rooms here, shot at one person who is in a very critical condition in the hospitals. They took money, phones, makeup, gowns, clothes,” another said.
Still on what happened, a female student residing at the hotel said, “I woke up this morning with gun pointing at me to open my door and I opened my door and was asked to bring everything I have and they took everything we had.” 

A caretaker of the compound, Patrice Mkposi narrated what transpired when he said, “I was called up this morning and informed that four hoodlums got into the premises and started harassing the students. Incidentally, one of the robbers I was made to understand had an AK47 gun and you know the way students are. They rushed out and some of them were screaming thief, thief and attention was being attracted to the scene. So one of the armed robbers who had the gun got angry and shot at a young man called Precious Enyinda and unfortunately, the young man gave up and you see all of us are very worried and sad because of this incidence.”

He called for increased security patrol to curb criminality along the back gate axis of RSUST.
“I think that the police should beef up very seriously, our security in the Billie close area because just between the Azikiwe junction and RSUST back gate, you have thousands of students, business activities and residents in that neighbourhood. So police would have to do something about ensuring safety more particularly in that axis,” Mkposi added.
The attack we gathered was one is one in the series of attacks along Billie close in the past few months.

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