Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Some Dangers About that Telecomm Mast Close to Your Home and the Action You can Take

Some Dangers About that Telecomm Mast Close to Your Home and the Action You can Take

You must have heard at some point that the siting of telecommunication mast near residential area is dangerous to health, but the question you have not asked is- how dangerous?
Money has made many care less about effects of these masts as they hurriedly give out their lands to these telecommunication network providers because of the mouthwatering amount that they are paid in return.

The health hazards associated with this has led The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) to sound the danger inherent in the erection of telecommunication mast close to residential buildings.

Malam Sharif Ibrahim, the state Coordinator of the agency said this in Kaduna in an interview on Monday said: “Telecommunication mast erected in residential areas is illegal, if they do not conform with the regulatory standards; that mast will be removed.”

According to him, the measurement from the foot of the mast to the nearest residential area should be 15 metres, adding that anything less is dangerous.
He expressed concern that people were ignorant of the health implications of the closeness of masts to their homes.

“People do not know the dangers of having mast near their houses; there are radiations coming down from the mast that do not have immediate effect but a long-term one which affects the skin.
He listed other effects as - oil spill from generators which contaminates wells and vibrations which, over time, leads to the collapse of buildings.

Ibrahim said: “once the mast is planted it becomes very difficult to remove due to the fact that people sold those lands or leased them to communication companies.
“That is why when a mast is coming up, before final erection, we stop it and relocate the mast.”
He gave assurance that the agency would continue to respond quickly to any issue brought to it by the general public.

Let's create awareness of this menace and contact NESREA by clicking Here to report a mast erected close to your home.


  1. Good job. Keep up. But where is NESREA office address in Oyo state. Kindly include the address to enable me go and lay a complain of a mass that is about to be erected in our residential area. Thanks for the phone number.

  2. Pls we are having battle now in our Estate in Mile 2 Jakande Estate in Lagos. The contractor comes with mobile Police officers to force a Mast to be constructed in d Estate car park. We earlier wrote to d Governors office but no action taken.

  3. They are erecting MTN mast inside our compound at 11 Alhaja Eleshin street Ogudu off Ramat street alhaja bus stop Ogudu. Please help us. We are scared of the health implications.


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