Thursday, 14 August 2014

Guess what Chidi Mokeme said Should be Done to Nigerians who Escape Quarantine from Ebola?

It may sound laughable but Chidi Mokeme may be right though. I mean, it is true that it hurts to know you have contracted the deadly Ebola virus and perhaps would not want to be faced with the fear of maybe dying (even though it is not a death warrant) without getting in touch with your loved ones, think of the harm you are putting out there.

The nurse that was among the people that treated the Liberia man, Patrick Sawyer, knew she could have been infected and instead of staying back in Lagos under quarantine, she carried herself and travelled to Enugu. Now not less than 20 persons have been quarantined in Enugu ever since. I mean, this is no time for selfishness, it is time for people to wake up and know what is involved in this Ebola thing, how to prevent it, and if contracted (God forbid), one would equally know know how to go about it.
Please and please, let us take this thing seriously.

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