Monday, 11 August 2014

Motorcylce-Helicopter that Can Fly now Available for Sale

flying motorbike
It would be a dream come true if indeed this flying motorbike or Pal-V One Helicycle two-seat hybrid car and gyrocopter that has the potential for making rush-hour delays a thing of the past were to be owned as easy as one could own a car.

I have started dreaming of how traffic dense states like Lagos, Port Harcourt and many other states in Nigeria will start exuding fresh air if it were to be introduced into Nigeria.
The helicycle according to the manufacturers; Daily Mail Motoring is available for the sum of  $395,999 (£230,000) or --- in naira. i will allow you do the calculation yourself before you faint.
I do know that a good number of Nigerians can afford that though. Go on to read the specifics of the unique automobile...

The Dutch-built Pal-V One can reach speeds of up to 112mph and goes from 0 to 60 in under 8 seconds when driven on the road.
Owners will need a Sports Pilot Certificate to fly one.
The two-seater vehicle can be bought through luxury gadget retailer Hammacher Schemmler which advertises it under name The Helicycle, yet its design and specifications are identical to the Pal-V One’s.
Despite its helicopter-like appearance, like many flying car prototypes, including the TF-X from Austin-based Terrafugia, the Pal-V needs a 540ft runway in order to take-off.
When in flight mode, the vehicle looks like a helicopter, however, it is known as a gyrocopter or autogyro because the main power comes from the rotors at the rear of the vehicle.
Its rotors spin considerably slower than a helicopter’s blades, too, and can’t stall.
On the ground, the machine handles somewhere between a motorbike and a racing car - its chassis is built to lean into turns, and the two-seater can reach speeds of up to 112mph.
Unlike most fictional flying cars, of course, it can’t just extend its rotors then hurtle skywards - the process takes about ten minutes.
Once the engine stops, the propeller folds itself automatically into the driving position. Pushing a button then lowers the rotor mast into the horizontal position.
Rotor blades and tail have to be stowed away by the driver.
“On the ground the vehicle drives like a sports car,” said Pal-V.
‘Within minutes its rotor is unfolded and its tail is extended: then it is ready to take off thanks to the advanced gyrocopter technology.”
“With these successful test results it is proven that it is not only possible to build a flying car but also that it can be done within existing international rules for both flying and driving.’
The Pal-V One features a 230hp, four-cylinder engine powered by petrol.
Its 27 gallon tank means pilots can fly for up to 220 miles at low altitudes - around 4,000ft - or drive for up 750 miles.
It is made of carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum and weighs 1,500lbs.

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