Monday, 23 February 2015

Guess What Made Julius Agwu Quit Governorship Ambition?

Guess What Made Julius Agwu Quit Governorship Ambition?

It may sound funny but it's true. One of Nigeria's oldest and beloved comedian/actor/singer, Julius Agwu have told us the reason he quit his ambition of becoming Rivers State Governor in the 2015 general elections.
At first many thought it was him doing one of the things he does best; comedy and jokes.

But when Julius would not concede to calls on him to stop the joke and be serious, he continued with his quiet campaigns on radio and television. So when he finally decided to let the sleeping dogs lie by throwing in the towel, we thought we had guessed right that he was never serious.

But Julius in a chat recently actually said that what made him give up his dreams was because of mum. Read it after the cut...

"When my mum heard of my political ambition, she called me to confirm and i said it was true. She cried on the phone and told me to drop my ambition and leave it for the politicians before they kidnap her and demand for ransom. I had to oblige my mother's request," Julius said.

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