Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Nigerian Navy Arrests 7 Suspected Criminals Along Bonny Waterway

Nigerian Navy Arrests 7 Suspected Criminals Along Bonny Waterway chiomaandy.com

The Nigerian navy forward operating base FOB in Bonny said it has arrested seven suspected sea pirates responsible for terror activities on the Bonny Waterways.

The Base Commanding Officer of Navy, Captain Hassan Dogara said this shortly after handing over the suspects to men of the Nigerian police.
He said they were arrested two weeks ago while robbing a crew on a vessel named Empty Honour.

The commanding officer FOB Bonny also said the suspects were arrested with two AK 47 rifles, 90 round of ammunition, nine GSM phones with the sum of N5800.

He said: “the Nigerian maritime environment on crude oil theft and all forms of crimes particularly sea piracy arrested these seven suspected sea pirates on the 16th of March, 2015. The arrest was effected on receiving a distress call from a vessel; Empty Honour being attacked. The base immediately deployed a rescue team which boarded the vessel between boyle 17 and 19.”

An inspector of police, Gabriel Nicholas, received the suspects on behalf of the Bonny police station and said that the suspects would be tried according to the laws of the land.

Nicholas said: “I am receiving these suspects and the exhibit involved and assure the public and the Nigerian navy that adequate prosecution would be made and we will also reach them on the outcome of our investigation."

Some of the suspected sea pirates who spoke denied committing the crime and said they were rather ship workers.

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