Thursday, 9 April 2015

Rivers Former Gov, Rufus Ada-George Calls for Peaceful Election

A former governor of old Rivers State, Rufus Ada-George, have called on Rivers people to vote peacefully on Saturday April 11.
Ada-George in a statement it signed said Rivers State had to be in tandem with government at the centre. 

He emphasiased that Rivers State working with government at the centre would enhance their political relevance, attract federal presence and ensure development and also protect and preserve the unity and prosperity in Rivers State. 

According to the statement he signed, Ada-George said Rivers State had for four years enjoyed political relevance and development through its age long tradition of always aligning with government at the centre.

He recalled the alliance between the Niger Delta Congress and Northern Peoples Congress which he said culminated into Rivers State creation during the First Republic.
 He, therefore, called on the people of the state to ensure that they continued with their alliance with the centre as Rivers State cannot distance itself from benefitting from the centre.

The former governor also enjoined all registered voters to come out in their numbers on Saturday and vote so as to strengthen Rivers State and ensure Rivers State continues its peaceful alliance with the government at the centre.

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