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Sister Stabs Only Brother to Death in Warri

Sister Stabs Only Brother to Death in Warri
What started as a quarrel over who should do what chore between two siblings ended tragically as a sister stabbed her only brother with a knife leading to his death eventually on Tuesday.
Omasan Ogbe, a 21-year-old girl from the family of Ogbe in Ugbuwangue, an Itsekiri community in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, allegedly stabbed to death her younger brother identified as Laju following a fight over daily domestic chores.

Omasan, who was described by a family source as a tomboy, was embittered that her younger brother floored her in a brawl following an argument over the washing of dishes.
Before the argument degenerated into a fierce fight, Omasan was said to have directed the younger brother to wash the dishes, but the boy reportedly refused claiming that he had fetched water into the drums in the house and was too tired to wash the dishes.

The disagreement led to a brawl with the boy allegedly flooring his sister who eventually chased him round the compound before seizing a knife from the kitchen and allegedly stabbed Laju in the chest.
The boy thereafter screamed for help, the family source said, and neighbours, who were not initially alarmed at what they considered the usual bickering of siblings, eventually rushed the victim to the Central Hospital Warri.

The family source recounted the ordeal: "He fell to the ground, started screaming, and calling for help before people rushed to the house to attempt to help the boy. These kinds of fight and quarrel have been very common in the home. But this particular one just got out of hand. They have always fought and settled as siblings often do."

However, Laju, said to be the only male child of the family, was pronounced dead by the doctor on duty apparently because he had lost so much blood.
The father of Omasan and Laju died about 10 years ago leaving the welfare and upkeep of the children to his widow.

Omasan was said to have attempted to run or go into hiding when the gravity of her dastardly action dawned on her but she was soon caught and handed over to the police.

Understandably, the nighbourhood and the entire community was thrown into mourning as the Ogbe family and the entire Ugbuwangue neighbourhood grieved over the sad incident that claimed the life of Laju who was described as a boisterous lad who was a student of Yonwuren College, Ugbuwangue.

Delta State Police Command spokeswoman, Celestina Kalu, confirmed the incident, and said that the police had already commenced investigation into the incident.

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