Monday, 28 September 2015

Dakuku Calls for Collective Effort to Tackle Insecurity in Rivers State

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Dakuku Peterside, has called for a collective effort to tackle issues of insecurity in the state irrespective of police conciliation or religious affiliation of the people of the state.

He made the call in his reaction to recent attacks and killings in oyorokuto fishing settlement in Ndoni Local Govenrment Area of the state while describing the spate of killing of innocent lives in the area as disturbing.

He said: “let me condemn in strong terms the recent attacks and killings at Oyorikoto fishing settlement. You will recall that this is not the first time Oyorikoto is being attacked, but current spate of killing of innocent inhabitants of Oyorikoto is so devastating that one needs to worry. And come to think of it, we have a government in place who whose responsibility is to safeguard lives and properties which is the primary responsibility of any government. So the people of Oyorikoto are nt excuded from the larger Rivers State. It is our responsibility to ensure that we provide them a conducive environment to go about their business.“The issue of insecurity is taking a larger than life situation in Rivers and all of us must collectively rise up and condemn it. We must join hands together irrespective of our party affiliation, religious affiliation and fight this issue of insecurity. Without fighting insecurity out society can’t move forward and we can’t talk about development. The only way investors can come into Rivers and invest is when we have a safe environment. Who goes to invest in an environment that is unsafe? he asked.

Peterside also called on security agencies in Rivers State to rise to the security challenges in the community and apprehend those responsible for the disturbance in the area.

continuing he said, “The Oyorikoto situation is one too many. Security agents should rise up and diligently track down the criminals behind these incessant attacks on fishing settlements and other pirates activities on our waterways. This is one time that we must act collectively and together for our greater good.

"Two important things; the first one, let us deploy a detachment of joint military and police operation there. You know, physical presence of the security agencies has a way of deterring persons from attacking that settlement. The second leg of it is that we must crack down on those who perfected the killing and violent actions there

“If we don’t do it, there is no way to deter others from doing it. If we don’t do it there will be an incentive for other persons to attack Oyorikoto and similar settlements and waterways across the state. Whatever it will take to bring them to book we must do it. We owe the people that responsibility," he added.

He also called on the people of the area to remain calm and go about their lawful businesses.

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