Monday, 28 September 2015

Turn Your Office PC Into a Wifi, Connect Phones, Tablets, Others Free

Ever desired to turn that office computer into a wireless internet connection or hotspot and share with all your devices? Here is a way out of the situation that only laptop and phone users used to enjoy alone.
Going straight to the point, you will need My Wifi Router for this purpose. You can share single internet connection (LAN, Ethernet, Data-card, 3G/4G, wifi) with other computers, ipads, phones and every other thing that requires internet connection. You can as well monitor those you are sharing your internet it and even block others from using it. Another beautiful thing is that it allows you to share files wirelessly from your pc to other devices (something that is wasn’t possible before now).

What system can download my wifi router?
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Must have free memory to accommodate 512Mb file
Must have free disk space of not less than 20Mb
After you have assured that you have met the requirements above, the next step is to Download it Here.

Set a name and password and you are good to go.
Now you can enjoy that internet connection in your office that was otherwise not possible without a modem or other external assisted method of sharing computer internet connection.

I have my special friend Yomiprof to thank for this information.


  1. Very very good. You are back madam. welcome. you were missed. at least by me.

    1. Thanks Jane. sorry i ve been caught up with a lot of things. Will resume fully soon :-)


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